NerdWords Yearbook: My holiday gift to you

My dear readers,

People I meet during my presentations tell me that they treasure their copies of NerdWords, my weekly newsletter with tech tools and tips. Many say they save them for reference, which gave me a brilliant idea for a gift to you, my fellow nerds.

I spent the last few weeks compiling all the tech tools from every existing issue of NerdWords. I checked and rechecked all the tools, and I’m happy to say that only about half a dozen of the hundreds of tools had perished. Another dozen or so I labeled “lame” and left them off the list because, well, they were lame, meaning they used old technology or had fallen behind the times.

If I counted right, this Yearbook has 213 tech tools, complete with links to more information as well as the original newsletter in which they appeared. I’m so excited to share it with you, and I invite you to share it with your colleagues and friends.

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Happy Holidays from Your Nerdy Best Friend