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What Folks Say…

Betty Eidemiller, Society of Toxicology
I’ve always enjoyed reading Beth’s posts and using her tips, and thought maybe Ziesenis was pronounced “zesty-ness”! Beth was our remote presenter for a staff development event and demonstrated her skills, knowledge, sense of humor, and ability to make the best of the situation when we had technological troubles.
Shawn Talbot, CAMFT
I have had an opportunity to hear Beth speak on numerous occasions. She is an engaging speaker whose presentations are packed full of practical information that can be immediately applied to almost any work setting. I have never left one of Beth's presentations without taking at least a few pages of notes! Her "Low Cost Tools" and weekly e-mail newsletters provide an abundance of pertinent and helpful resources and information. I would recommend her as a presenter for any organization!
I appreciate the diversity of the tools profiled and the ability to utilize free services in this downtrodden economy. The wide variety of tools and apps really helps with finding one that works well for you.
I love the easy to use tools. When I find something that works well for me, I tell everyone I know! Thank you Beth for finding those easy and free tools!
Beth Z shares useful and "right now" tools that make a difference in the work I do!
Beth is always sharing some great new way to get things done more efficiently, more effectively AND if not free, then at a very competitive price! Her user-friendly website offers a wealth of information and links which have saved me so much time and frustration over the past two years -and the fact that she sends out periodic notes about her new finds generally improves not just my day, but my entire week!
Beth's resources are useful, practical, and always spot-on! I always look forward to receiving her emails as they bring me something new to improve my efficiency. I, for one, can't wait for her new book to come out! It's already on my must read list.
Beth has great tips and tools, especially for those of us who may not be advanced technologically as we would like. We can use her suggestions without having to get out an IT dictionary to understand the terminology! Very practical tips.
Beth Z takes real-life challenges and provides quick, easy and usually free links to tools that can simplify both your work and personal computer life. She is the Dear Abby for computer geeks.
I just wanted to shoot you a thank you for presenting at the ASAE Tech Conference.  You were definitely the highlight of the conference. I wanted to thank you again because I’ve been running through your list of apps you shared and I just can’t stop myself!  I am geeking out for everything!  I just love them.  It is so great to have a resource like yourself, especially in the association world.  I have already gotten one mailing from you and consumed that as well. Thank you again!  I feel like you’re the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (or do you prefer to be the leprechaun?) :)
I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your Keynote Session at the NE/SAE conference in Waltham, MA on Friday, the 22nd.  I was the one who came over to you right after your presentation to tell you how much I had learned from your session and you gave me a hug and one of your buttons!  You meet so many people so you may not remember me but I just had to tell you that after attending many different events/conferences over the years your presentation truly had a wonderful impact on me.  The information that you shared with all of us in such a small amount of time shocked me and truthfully I still have not been able to go through everything yet…but I am going to no matter what! Thank you again for sharing all of your information with us!
Diane Davis
We are extremely grateful to you for preparing and delivering what was truly a dynamic and entertaining presentation at the AFI Convention. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments. You truly energized the audience and gave them valuable information to put into action. I know I personally gained a wealth of ideas to implement in-house. I also really appreciate the time and effort you took from your busy schedule to prepare your talk and travel to be with us. Again, AFI is extremely grateful for your participation in its convention. You helped make this conference a success!
There are so many "free" online tools out there, but I am so much more comfortable trying them out when they are recommended by an expert in the field. Thanks Beth!
Beth B.
The "tools" really are tools. Not toys, not games, but truly useful apps that can help your daily business and online life. Shared with a good dose of fun!
Conference Attendees
Anonymous responses from the IAEE 2012 Conferenence attendees: "Awesome! So useful and helpful. Can't wait to use these tools." “Excellent content - very topical and extremely interesting.” “I love Beth's energy and passion of the subject matter!” “This is a session I have been looking for to help me with meeting planning. Thank you.” “Very informative, useful and engaging!”
Jim Rider, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
I work within the fundraising arm of a national non-profit organization and enlisted the help of Beth for an inspiration dinner event that we were hosting for our fundraising campaign participants. We needed an MC for the evening and asked Beth for her services. Her ability to engage the audience with her sincerity, professionalism and her amazing sense of humor provided exactly what we needed for this event. The participants left the evening informed, inspired and had a few laughs along the way. I plan to request her services in the future for events like this and other public speaking opportunities for our organization.
I have had Beth do a presentation twice to our chapter executive directors at our Chapter Executive Directors Forum. They all love her, and love all of her tips. I have never received such high praise on my evaluation forms from the execs as I have gotten when Beth makes her presentation.
Anonymous responses from the Corona Women's Leadership Conference attendees: "Awesome tools. Great practical breakdown and engaging in the morning. Nerdy overload." "Very informative and helpful information. Had no idea all of this existed." "Awesome! Very knowledgeable. Great tips at any price point." "Great! Some I’m using. Some are new and I am excited check them out. I love nerds." "Beth was awesome! Her tools were extremely useful plus innovative." "Great speaker, valuable information and high energy. Keeps you interested." "I really enjoyed this session. It was great! Got to know all about these web sites for free! It’s going to help me be more organized. Thank you!"
Elizabeth Grotos, APTA
Beth served as a speaker for the American Physical Therapy Association to facilitate a half-day session for our component leaders about free and affordable apps and software programs to make our work easier and results more impressive. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from our component presidents and executives about her presentation. Many attendees were taking fast and furious notes throughout the presentation, in between peals of laughter, of course. Several components have shared examples of how they have used some of the apps that she shared with us to create nice promotions for their chapters.
Pam Williams, ACC, Owner, Innergized!, Inc.
When I am in need of a new technology tool to improve my productivity, I always ask Beth Z before making a decision. Beth is savvy and knowledgeable, with an eye towards affordability and usability. Beyond that, she is generous and genuine. I have shared her lists of free and low cost resources, and now her book, Upgrade to Free, with clients for many years, and will continue to do so, because Beth researches the newest tech tools and applications, cuts through all the hype, and provides her readers with real tools and tips they can use.
Brian Lovellette, President, Association Services of Michigan
I recently attended a presentation by Beth on free software resources. It was an excellent seminar with a great deal of good information. I have recommended her for our summer ORGPRO conference in Michigan as a speaker. I would highly recommend Beth.
Tracy L. Thompson, NELLCO
I first learned about Beth Ziesenis through ASAE, when I purchased her book, Upgrade to Free. It was exactly the kind of publication that I thought many of my colleagues in the law library world could benefit from. I contacted Beth to see if she would be willing to come and speak at our first-ever symposium in 2012. Beth was really enthusiastic and wanted to help me make our inaugural event special. Not only was she willing to come and present some of her favorite apps and tools in a program, she also staffed a 'stump the geek' table and did a book signing event! It was awesome and the attendees loved the take-aways. You want Beth as Your Nerdy Best Friend!
Katherine Zimmer, Napa Chamber of Commerce
Beth brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her speaking engagements. She worked closely with us to customize her presentation to our audience and the results were fantastic! She's funny, informative, and we highly recommend her.
Shelly Alcorn, CAE
Beth was a workshop presenter at our annual conference in 2008. Her session was rated very highly and participants told me the information they got regarding easy free and low-cost tools for associations was very valuable. We have asked Beth to come back and speak on another topic in 2009 because of her energy, her enthusiasm and her knowledge of the association audience that she is speaking to. This gives her the added advantage of tailoring her presentation to meet their specific needs. She is easy to work with and delivers a high-quality presentation. Speaking as someone who books presenters that is the best of both worlds.
Leann Byanski Keefer, OSAP
When an opportunity comes for you to go to one of Beth's programs . . . pull out all the stops and RUN to it! I had the pleasure of being Beth's speaker host at the OSAP Symposium on Friday and she literally rocked the house. As the time drew to a close the participants begged her to continue.
Beth Z. has been one of my favorite follows for years. She understands the value of free for nonprofits and community volunteers, and she also understands the value of sharing resources. Many of the tools I use on a regular basis are a direct result of her mission to make life easier... and they do!

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